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Special Services Section VIP service

 For those looking for comfort and luxury and service mobility own distinctive VIP Services

Progress  Almeeraj Service (VIP), providing buses private transfer the ultimate in luxury and comfort and personal reception at the airport, where we transport you from anywhere to your destination in an atmosphere of privacy and comfort with the availability of the necessary safety and entertainment elements to enjoy travel comfortable and stylish as Aatdtm speed and comfort occasions, with the existence of a distinct group of drivers on a high degree of competence and experience and punctuality, the driver connects you first visit the best places and resorts, restaurants and malls upscale decent by shopping and to our commitment to make your trip with us a real pleasure we also offer you to navigate by helicopter trips helicopters in all Turkish around as you want where you enjoy extensive views of the Turkey to view all the scenic shores of the sea and tourist areas at a time in a special atmosphere to provide you with personal escorts. We also offer you hire private aircraft service (JIT) to navigate inside Turkey and Europe.

 Express Service “Xpress Service”

Businessmen, companies and frequent travelers, the owners of the commitments and the narrow time Serving L’Express means Altoverkabar time to reach the airport until the arrival of the plane, as it will enable the service of your receipt from anywhere within the city until the plane within about 10 minutes, and by actions passenger station owners priority

Residence VIP Services

We offer you and your family stay in a luxury villa is ideally service in a quiet location and beautiful scenery, and in a befitting your luxury towers directly on the sea or stay in the most luxurious international hotel worthy of your.

VIP service programs

We may first visit to prepare your own programs to enjoy your vacation in Turkey to the fullest we have prepared a luxury enjoyable and attractive programs enable you to visit all regions in Turkey and enjoy it. For the sake of the highest levels of luxury and comfort has been allocated for these trips modern cars and luxury yachts available with all the comfort and amenities led by people with experience know how to speak Arabic and several other foreign languages. The guest enjoys the respect and appreciation of our customers due to his full knowledge and expertise of the possibilities and alternatives Almtuarh.km offer you a mobile phone number with the Turkish open throughout the duration of the stay. We also offer you bookings for all performances and evenings you wish Bha.o also provide you with the eastern cook and driver and a babysitter for your family for the duration of residence.

Service is absolutely top “Superior Service”

This service allows for the ministries and major institutions, embassies, government agencies and diplomatic provide welcome or farewell distinctive for their guests important and in the parlors most luxurious “VIP terminal” specially prepared for VIPs and equipped iPods electronic display, satisfying to your need, making this hall the perfect place for the reception of high importance and diplomatic missions, consisting of 25 trade delegations up to 100 people. Service features the exclusive use of the hall for the reception VIP “VIP terminal” very distinctive. Service and care very special meted travelers and their companions. Completion of procedures bags and receive complete all Ajerouat airport and travel by officials responsible for VIP service. Private transport to and from the plane limousines and buses VIP. Car had stopped service in the space you stand in front of waiting lounge for “VIP terminal” with the help and during the period of the completion of the flight procedures.

The return of VAT sales tax added directly into the lounge waiting for service.

Transportation to the hotel, “prior reservation” Terms lounge access “VIP terminal” at least an hour before the takeoff.

Subscribe to 24 hours before the date of the trip

We are at your service at any time and in all parts of Turkey, an integrated technical team seeks to serve you and make your satisfaction of our feeling about the guest with the warmth of Arabian hospitality with a Turkish flavor