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Import & Export

The company services all shipping and unloading the highest level

Provide customs clearance service and an end to all customs procedures and customs services for all types of loads and messages to the fullest.

The study documentary:
Shipment documents are reviewed before importing goods from abroad or exported to abroad in an attempt to avoid any differences exist documents hinder the completion of customs formalities at full speed and taking into account that for any fines incurred on the client.
Cargo type:
Are dealing with all kinds of incoming and outgoing goods (all equipment and tasks necessary for the development of airports – all paper and cardboard products – all equipment and supplies tourist villages – cars – heavy equipment of all kinds – and everything related to the export market and import)
Import regimes:
Import regime is determined in accordance with the legal entity of the company or factory and according to the type of goods and the goal of imported or exported (Ward final – Drubak – a temporary permit – breaks – Allowances – Transit – free zones)
Regulatory offers:
All performances are met in accordance with the regulatory varieties contained (Agriculture – imports – firecrackers – Health – Environment Affairs … etc)
Customs procedures end speed in the shortest possible time from the date of delivery or extraction permission storage of goods.
Careful follow-up:
Follow-up from the beginning of the consignment shipped from abroad and follow the arrival of the ships in the case of incoming and follow-up charge in the case of export and exit from ports until they reach the port of discharge.
Comprehensive Settlement:
Make all adjustments own messages Deposit whether or fines or settlements related to any Mnaqdhat messages after graduating from the customs.
Subsequent review:
After the exit of goods from customs, according to some customs regulations which oblige the customer that is the follow-up shipments.

Lower prices:

Dear Customer, We give you lowest prices and the highest quality services and in order to avoid increased costs on the incoming or outgoing shipments on behalf of the client