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Turkish city of Antalya is the capital of tourism in Turkey, where he visited by millions of tourists from all over the world as it is the enchanting beauty of nature and the stunning rally in wonderful harmony between geographical terrain, history, present and modern services. Antalya site on a narrow strip between the Taurus “Taurus” mountains and tranquil beaches on the Mediterranean awarded Natural Beauty Say what you find in other cities, add to the sunny skies and warm atmosphere most days of the year. Tourism in Antalya The importance of tourism Antalya contains many resorts, hotels and special tourist facilities and public that suit all tastes, which is suited nicely to receive tourists The city of Antalya and around receives more than a third of tourism in Turkey, especially from Russia and northern and western Europe as well as Middle East and Central Asian republics. In 2011 Antalya, ranked third in the world after London and Paris in the number of tourists from other countries surpassing the global cities such as New York and Istanbul by more than 10 million tourists.

Antalya due to its relatively warm climate during the winter tourist season runs throughout the year and, of course, peaking during the summer months. Old City Antalya city center is the highest cliff that rises from the beach more than 40 meters, and Adjatha Marine Park is a huge park known as Ataturk “Atatürk Parkı” which extends to view the city center and contains a number infinity of restaurants, cafes, stadiums where you can enjoy scene Bnoarma gorgeous beaches and the Taurus Mountains in the background, especially in the early hours of the morning or at sunset, so if you intend to visit Antalya do not miss the opportunity to watch the sunset from the top of the cliff and enjoy a tour around the park and the magnificent panoramic view. The city is located in the middle of the old city known as known as Kaleche “Kaleiçi” and is the historic part of the city which was built by the Byzantine empire, and which is famous for its high walls and lighthouse that stands witness to the history of Antalya, and takes you through the narrow streets and alleys filled with cafés and restaurants and shops in a trip to the remote ends of your time to the old port “Antalya Marina”, and from there you can climb up to a boat on a cruise to listen Bmchhadh city and the Taurus mountains and waterfalls.

Activities and events abound in the old city and Td of life throughout the year and the roads are full of artists and sellers of antiques and traditional painters and shops selling Turkish ice cream and shawarma and around the Old City branch many roads popular markets. The beaches of Antalya On both sides of the city center of Antalya flow on the beach, and the beaches of Antalya is considered one of the best beaches in the world and most of the receipt of a “blue flag – Blue Flag” and is an award given to the best global beaches and Turkey has on the whole most. To the right of the city’s beaches Lara “Lara” stretch soft white sands and blue waters, the Lara beach resorts and there are a majority of the huge hotels and some of the most beautiful and luxurious world-renowned resorts. To the left of Antalya center extends beach “Konyaalti – Konyaalti” full of cafes and popular restaurants, and is a public beaches are open to all without an entry fee or a nominal fee, and is the closest to the city center, along them find many small ones hotels and great addition to seafood restaurants and activities and movement during the tourist season. If you are an amateur calm and lie down on the Shati, Lara Beach is your destination, but if you want some of each and Anatolia experience real Vugetk is SHATI Konyaalti and the adjacent her from the city center, where beaches and park Ataturk and the museum and Markets (malls) in addition to the amusement park, restaurants, city water, water museum and mini-city and many attractions, each of which has its own character, which gives you a sense distinctive. Weather in Antalya Weather Antalya generally mild winters and hot and humid in summer, Antalya is characterized by sunny skies most of the year and the sea water is relatively warm even in winter.

Temperatures in the summer and especially the months of July and August to mid-forties Celsius accompanied by high humidity during the winter temperatures drop to 10-15 Celsius making Antalya tourist destination for winter to escape the cold winters of northern Europe and Asia. What alleviate the summer heat in Antalya Tnchar swimming pools and water sports in addition to the beaches along the city view and mountain peaks. The best time to visit Antalya to enjoy is the spring until early summer any of the mid-March to mid-June. Where to go in Antalya Antalya in many places worth visiting, and most of them are not only minutes or a few hours away from the city center: Duden Waterfalls – Düden Şelalesi: a set of waterfalls on the Duden River away from the city center 30-45 minutes, with enchanting beauty, the shrine around a group of parks and places for trips and contain restaurants and cafes. Park Ataturk – Atatürk Parkı: extends the park on the waterfront along the top of the cliff and contain vast expanses of green spaces and corridors Aljmleilh and overlooking the sea directly where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the shores of the city and the Taurus Mountains tops, park contains many restaurants and cafes to suit different tastes also contains sports stadiums and amusement park for children in addition to the green for the rest and play areas, and on the western side of great views of the beach Konyaaltı. Water in the city of Antalya – Aquapark Dedeman: adjacent to the resort and hotel Dedman, a few minutes away from the city center near the Konyaalti. Watery compound contains many water sports and dolphin shows. Antalya Museum (glass pyramid) – Antalya Müzesi: The museum is located in the Ataturk Cultural Park and is very close to the water of the city, the museum contains more than 30,000 antique collectibles discovered in Antalya, Turkey, and occupies an area of 7000 square meters surrounded by greenery and lakes, restaurants.

Oceanarium – Antalya Aquarium: one of the largest museums in the world of water and the latest facilities that have been added to Antalya, was opened in 2012 and contains many recreational and cultural activities and gives you the opportunity to life underwater is unprecedented. The museum is located on the opposite side of the city water Dedmn hotel and Antalya Museum. City mini – MiniCity Antalya: includes miniature of the most important buildings and monuments in Antalya in Turkey pan models, in addition to the many restaurants, cafes and shops. Mini-city is located at the beginning of the beach Konyaalti and only minutes away from the city’s water and Ataturk Cultural Park. Olympus Talafrick – Olympos Teleferik: is one of the most important monuments to be had and would not be complete without your visit to Antalya. The site is approximately an hour from Antalya to take you on a trip to the vertical height 2365 meters above sea level to enjoy watching Antalya and its surroundings from the top.Must take the necessary precautions in terms of clothing, where temperatures drop 10-15 degrees Celsius on the beach in addition to strong winds. Snow continues on the summit until the ends of the spring or summer and beginning. Antalya and around Includes Antalya (Territory) of many small and along the shores of the Mediterranean towns and villages not far from Antalya only an hour or two, each with its own distinctive character and atmosphere, some of which are tourist resorts and a city full of them simple villages where time stopped to enjoy traditional Turkish atmosphere.

Whatever your destination, the journey through the mountains and forests and roads adjacent to the sea itself is fun not to be missed when visiting Antalya, one of the biggest tourist destinations around Antalya: Alanya – Alanya: away from Antalya almost two hours Easting and you can go to bus, Alanya miniature version of the city of Antalya with enchanting beauty and exquisite resorts and is a second home for many of the tourists who own apartments and houses where a summer, tourism and especially from Germany and Britain and northern Europe. Syed – Side: away from Antalya approximately 75 km to the east, and is an ancient Greek city famous Greek monuments and Romania. Kemer – Kemer: Kemer is the closest cities to Antalya towards the West, and is a small town Resorts and contain Parks freely and games and many activities, the city is almost deserted during the winter and vibrant during the tourist season in the summer, away from Antalya, 40 km almost can go forth and small bus known as the “Aldlmos – Dolmus” in less than an hour, the road to Kemer passes near the mountain and the beach and find it on the side of the road many small restaurants and cafes.